A Night of Gratitude and Appreciation of the Office of Alumni Relations

By Office of Alumni Relations     07-Dec-2018

The Office of Alumni Relations held its first ever Appreciation Night last December 7, 2018 at the Dr. Robert C. Sy Grand Ballroom of the Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building, Thomasian Alumni Center, UST, Espaņa, Manila.

The Appreciation Night is a celebration dedicated to the individuals and companies who supported the Office of Alumni Relations in their projects to unify and strengthen the ties of Thomasian alumni community.

The evening started out with a greeting from the event host, Maita Oebanda of the UST Museum.

The guests were formally welcomed by OAR's director, Assistant Professor Fredeswindo Medina.

"This event is a symbol of sincere gratitude to our benefactors, partners and sponsors for their utmost support and generosity to all the activities that we have successfully accomplished throughout the years," said Mr. Medina. He was thankful for their relentless efforts and contributions that made the stronger each year, and so the success of the Office of Alumni Relations is also the success of every one of them. The guests gave Mr. Medina a cheerful round of applause.

After Mr. Medina's speech, the look of the special token of appreciation that is to be given was revealed.

The glass plaque bears the initials of University of Santo Tomas. It's differently levelled heights symbolizes that no matter how big or small one's contribution was, they are still part of what makes UST a premier Catholic institution of higher learning that produces competent, committed and compassionate alumni. The recipients were called on the stage to be recognized and received this special plaque.

The awarding was closed with a sincere story of the night's host, sharing her proud moment as a Thomasian alumna, which touched the hearts of all the Thomasian alumni in the ballroom. It was succeeded by Dr. Jose Evangelista's exulting and heartfelt closing speech where he reminisced the days when the Thomasian Alumni Center Building was nothing but just a vision. Like Mr. Medina's welcoming remarks, Dr. Evangelista's speech was also applauded by the guests.

It was then followed by a sumptuous dinner and stellar performances from balladeer Kevin Percival, singer-guitarist duo Andrei Raņa and Paolo Santos, and Ricia Gardiola.

The participants who rendered their time, effort and talents were also given recognition in the event.

The night ended with people full of smiles and a promise of lasting and harmonious relationship in the years to come.


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