The Tomasinong Kapampangan, one of the pioneer UST Alumni Chapters, celebrated their 3rd anniversary and held their 2nd general assembly on July 4 at Max’s Villa del Sol in San Fernando, Pampanga.

Among those who were present in the much-awaited event were the members of the Pampanga Chapter, their officers, the president and the vice president of the UST Alumni Association Inc. (AAI)—Dr. Evelyn A. Songco and Engr. Jerenato B. Alfante—the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) and Asst. Prof. Fredeswindo R. Medina, MACHS, officer-in-charge of OAR.

The first ones to take the stage were Dr. Salve Catajan-Olalia, one of the founders of the Pampanga chapter who gave a brief history of how the association came to be, and Dra. Leticia Cordero-Yap, one of the senior members and their advsiser who gave a very inspirational message.

Next to impart her knowledge and deliver her speech for all aspiring professionals who wish to excel in their respective careers was Yolanda David-Reyes, PRC’s Commissioner, who is a proud member of the Tomasinong Kapampangan.

Officially welcoming everyone present was Dr. Miguel Ticzon-Santiago, who was the Assistant Treasurer of the Pampanga Chapter, and who gave a concise speech about unity and solidarity.

As part of the recognition of those who were present, immediately after the formal introduction, there was a roll call of all alumni and their respective colleges—most of them coming from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

The command of the stage was then transferred to Mr. Medina as he gave a heartfelt and informative message to all Tomasinong Kapampangan present and involved in the event.

He acquainted and familiarized the Tomasinong Kapampangan with the OAR’s staff and their respective roles in the formation and maintenance of the office, which helps all the alumni, their chapters and associations in turn.

The AAI, through the words of Dr. Songco, also imparted some enlightening discussion about the association, their projects, their goals and their inclusion of all Thomasians graduates in it.


The program ended with more dancing, games, raffles and a brief closing remarks from the chapter’s secretary, Mrs. May Florence Narciso.

Tomasinong Kapampangan

The Tomasinong Kapampangan is one of the first chapters established, having been founded on July 04, 2015 at Betis, Guagua, Pampanga.

Currently, there are more than 100 members of the said chapter who are working hard to continue giving glory and honor to our university—years after they have graduated from it.

They are currently in the process of having their association SEC-registered and has two ongoing projects—a basketball team and a group whose goal is to provide safe drinking water to all aetas in the province.