If there’s one thing our Thomasian engineers know how to do best, it is partying their hearts out.

Last February 17, the Faculty of Engineering alumni celebrated their alumni homecoming with sumptuous food, excellent entertainment, and enticing music.

The grand ballroom of the Thomasian Alumni Center was filled with engineers from different generations ready to reminisce their university days and bond with their college friends.

The ballroom also housed one of its biggest crowds as there were more or less 600 Thomasian engineers who attended this year’s homecoming.

The organizers kept the program brief—presenting their jubilarians, awarding the hall of famers and recognizing all alumni, batch, organization, and former and current members—as everyone was buzzing with excitement for the performance of the guest artist who will be arriving later that night.

During the dinner, the different batches performed some special numbers such as a 70’s-themed dance number, a batch song number and a performance from the engineering dance troupe to break the ice and give enjoyment to all the alumni present.

To end the night, singer and artist Joey G gave a live performance of 80’s and 90’s hits that spoke to the heart and memories of everyone—alumni, students and administrators alike—present in the venue.