Are you looking for another venue to host your next gathering?

For further details about the venues, please contact our office.

AMV Function Hall

  • AMV-COA Multi-Purpose Hall (Whole)
  • AMV-COA Multi-Purpose Hall A (Part)
  • AMV-COA Multi-Purpose Hall B (Part)
  • AMV-COA Multi-Purpose Hall C (Part)

Medicine Auditorium

UST Main Building

  • Civil Law Lobby
  • Auditorium

Albertus Magnus Auditorium

Beato Angelico Building

  • Beato Angelico AVR
  • Beato Angelico Gallery

Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building

  • Dr. Robert C. Sy Grand Ballroom (2nd Floor )
  • Function Hall (4th Floor)

Quadricentennial Pavillion

  • Covered Court at the Back of QP
  • Quadricentennial Pavillion Practice Gym

TARC Auditorium


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