Twenty-five years of government service has been an overwhelming yet humbling experience for Mr. John Simon, president of the UST Education High School (UST-EHS) Alumni Association, Inc. and newly-elected Vice-President of the UST Alumni Association, Inc.

Presently the Acting Collector of Customs of the Sub-port of Iligan, Mr. Simon prides himself of “three golden moments” as a government professional for more than two decades now.

First, he headed the Philippine delegation in various International Customs events and meetings in many countries, wherein he was able to effectively articulate the position of our government.

Second, he was also responsible in organizing and hosting several International Customs meetings and events in our Philippines like ASEAN, APEC, World Customs Organization, UNCTAD, ASIA-Europe Meeting (ASEM), and many others.

And third, he was awarded as an Outstanding Employee and Official by the Government in different occasions—both in the International and National levels.

While Mr. Simon finished his Master in Public Administration degree in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in 2014 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration major in Management from the University of the East in 1992, he also attributes his feats to the Thomasian upbringing he got when he was still a student of UST-EHS.

According to, Mr. Simon, a Thomasian always “see[s] God in all things,” which is very important in living a successful yet simple life.

“Nothing is impossible with God. A Thomasian is always an optimist who shall never lose hope in times of adversity,” he said.

Being a high school student of the UST-EHS back then, he said he had the privilege of being taught by the best and brightest teachers, which contributed a lot in his character and upbringing.

“I was exposed to the most brilliant, dynamic, youthful and beautiful teachers of the UST College of Education. Their method is truly aspirational, Inspirational and motivational,” he said, adding that UST-EHS is only one of its kind in the country.

Mr. Simon has always been a Thomasian at heart, which led him to his passions of public service, good governance and transformational leadership.

“I always felt that, as a Thomasian, I can make a difference in government service,” he said. “Thomasians have the efficiency and integrity to realize the triumph of goodness in the fight against graft and corruption.”

Mr. Simon calls upon other Thomasians to stay true to the virtues of “Faith, Truth and Charity.”

“Our undying faith will keep going even if we feel so low and hopeless. The truth will set us free and illuminate the darkness of lies and deception. Charity will make us master the art of giving without expecting anything in return.”

According to Mr. Simon, there are high expectations for success in a Thomasian, which will only be achieved by being “instrument” of God.

“We can only be a success by always being focused on our vison and that is to be an instrument of Gods Victory in everything we do,” he said.

For Thomasian who are still in the journey of reaching their goals and dreams, Mr. Simon advices them to go beyond what is expected of them, surpassing those who have come before them.

“For the next generation, strive to be better and brighter than us. There is more room for improvement,” he said. “You should exceed expectations. A Thomasian is never complacent.”

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