Your relationship with your boss is crucial to your success. You can make it or break it in your job depending on how your impress your boss. So, here are some tips for you to shine in your work and for you to be remembered by your boss.


1. Keep a perfect attendance 

Going to work on time and having no absences says a lot about your personality and determination. Your boss will be simply impressed with your complete attendance.

Never let it happen that your boss would come in the office earlier than you.


2. Always show enthusiasm

One of the best ways to establish your value and worth to the higher-ups is to always be engaged in everything that you do. Improve your visibility by suggesting new ideas or volunteering.

If your boss’s boss is giving a talk, sit in front. Listen eagerly and ask questions. Show that you care about your company and that you are serious about your career.


3. Find a common bond

It is important to remember that your boss is also a human being who needs social interaction with people.

Find a way to connect with your boss. Try to know what your boss’s favorites and habits, and find that connection. Maybe you both like basketball or cooking.


4. Raise your profile
Just doing good work is not enough to get noticed. Make sure you are not too heads-down to not claim the credit you deserve.

Impress your clients and colleagues to have a good reputation. Let them do the talking. Most probably, they will give your boss compliments for your striking performance since your success reflects positively on him.


5. Remember who’s #1

Having a good relationship with your boss is a wonderful thing but do not go beyond the line.

Your boss is still your boss and the most important thing that you need to show him is respect.


6. Love your work

This is probably the best and most important tip. If you love what you are doing, there’s no reason for you not to excel.

Even if you are not vocal about how much you love what you are doing, your actions will surely show it and your boss will, most likely, notice.


Being a successful employee depends a lot on how you impress your boss. After all, your boss would want to see you succeed and you need to demonstrate your eagerness and passion to do so.





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