WORKING entails a lot of effort. Sometimes, you just can’t help getting tired and sleepy. During these moments, many rely on drinking coffee. But too much coffee intake is not good for your health. So, here are some tips for you to stay awake and alert at work without being coffee-dependent.


Tip 1: Do low-impact exercises before starting your work.

Study shows that doing some low-impact exercises such as short-paced walks for about 20 minutes will boost your energy level, decrease fatigue, and help you sleep better at night.


Tip 2: Listen to music.

Experts say that working while listening to music keeps you awake and mentally alert. You can choose from a variety of music genres. Some find classical music to boost their productivity while others prefer rock or pop music to keep them active and energized.


Tip 3: Take short breaks from time to time.

Taking short breaks and looking away from the task that you are doing for at least 3 minutes every 30 minutes relaxes your mind and body. Thus, fatigue, headache and eyestrain will be prevented.


Tip 4: Stretch

Sitting in front of your desk and facing your computer for a very long time can lead to neck stiffness and muscle strain. While sitting, you may do some stretching of your arms and limbs to relax them every once in a while.


Tip 5: Hydrate.

Keeping yourself hydrated improves blood circulation and helps you fight extreme fatigue caused by dehydration. Always keep a bottle or a jug of water in handy.


Tip 6: Expose yourself to bright lighting.

Maximizing your exposure to light will keep you more alert and upbeat as your body naturally reacts to external factors. So, open the shades in your window and let the sunlight in or open all the artificial light in your room.


Tip 7: Eat light but nutritious snacks and meals.

Eating heavy meals will make you doze off more easily. Sustain your energy throughout the day by eating small yet healthy meals that are high in protein. These meals will make you feel full for a longer time.


Tip 8: Sniff aromatic scents.

Smelling aromatic scents from oils or candles will also help in keeping yourself awake. Peppermint scent, for example, can boost your energy; the scent of rosemary will improve your awareness; eucalyptus scent will increase your oxygen intake, the scent of cedar wood can activate your brain; while the smell of cinnamon may give you extra alertness.


The next time you feel like dozing off at work, try these tips to keep you awake and alert without having to drink coffee every once in a while.



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