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BEING able to understand how people think and behave is what makes a good leader, according to Henry Tenedero, President of the Thomasian Alumuni Leaders Association (TALA) and Executive Director of the UST Alumni Association, Inc.

Tenedero, who was already a leader during his student life in the University of Santo Tomas (UST), served as President of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA)—the most revered professional organization of marketing professionals in the country which was founded in 1954—in 2015.

“The trait that brands me [as a leader] is the ability to use my own ‘multiple intelligence skills,’ which is in everyone as well, in weaving through the journey towards my goals as a person and as a professional,” Tenedero said.

He spent his term as President of PMA in promoting the principles and practices of “Societal Marketing” among the various sectors of society and urged his collegues in the field to expand their concepts and practices of marketing.

“I brought PMA to the other sectors—cooperatives, fisher folks, policemen and women, local government leaders, parent-teacher associations, artists, among others,” Tenedero said. “After all, marketing is life and life is marketing.”


Thomasian leadership

For Tenedero, his experiences as a student leader in UST definitely contributed to his success as a marketing professional, as well as in being an international educator and a motivational speaker.

“Being a Thomasian continues to help me a lot in my profession,” he said. “Back in college, I was never academically gifted [but] I did shine in the field of campus student leadership from first year until my fifth year as a LiA-Com major.”

As a graduate of UST, Tenedero always imbibes the three core Thomasian values—competence, commitment and compassion—in his life as a leader and a marketing professional.

“[I am] competent in the pursuit and performance of my personal and professional goals in life despite all the challenges, committed to making a difference in peoples’ lives through the run of my personal education advocacy and compassionate to the plight of the marginalized,” Tenedero said.

One of his unforgettable experiences as a Thomasian was when he was chosen to chosen to deliver the “Message of the Youth,” as the head of the Student Organizations Coordinating Council in 1981, during Saint Pope John Paul’s first apostolic visit in the Philippines.

“I was hugged by the Pope! [That was] a treasured moment [that] I will never forget for the rest of my life,” Tenedero said.

“Right then, I realized that real education is not defined by grades alone but goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. My interactions with fellow student leaders and the whole student population shaped and influenced the achievements of my goals and objectives in life.”


Education as equalizer

Tenedero believes that “between hope and despair, education is the great equalizer,” which is why he serves as the prime mover of “Beyond Curriculum: Lead, Teach & Learn,” a global education advocacy.

“I am always willing to enhance my craft for the betterment of others—[in] making a difference in peoples’ lives through the run of my personal education advocacy.”

Apart from this advocacy, Tenedero also serves as the Council Director of the International Learning Styles Network (ILSN), which is based in the United States and Scandinavia.

Tenedero is also the Chairperson of “International Conference on Educating Beyond the Curriculum,” which will be held in New York on July 2017 and will be hosted by ILSN.

Besides his own success, Tenedero is also concerned with the successes of other individuals, especially his fellow Thomasians.

“I use my role a President of TALA and Executive Director of the UST Alumni Association to champion people development and leadership programs and activities aligned to uplifting their (UST alumni) plight and make them productive members of the society,” he said.

Tenedero has also authored several books, including “Breaking the IQ Myth,” “Super Teacher Excellent in Teaching,” “Mindful Ideas in Education,” “Using Passion and Laughter in Your Presentations,” “Breakthrough Education,” “Cooking Up a Creative Genius,” “Aha, I Gotcha!,” “TIPS Sa Marketing,” and the recently-published “Anak, Ikaw ay Henyo,” a must-read book focusing on bringing out the genius in every child using Multiple Intelligence and Learning Styles at home and in school.

He acquired his Master’s Degree in Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management and also studied at the Harvard University’s Graduate School Program for Professional Education Leaders, specializing on Multiple Intelligences. LORD BIEN G. LELAY

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