What most people don’t realize is that a resume is actually a form of advertisement used to market one’s abilities to companies and recruitment agencies out there. It can be considered as your very own brochure, selling your biggest achievements and marketable aspects by making you a desirable choice among recruiters and hiring officers. However, it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced worker or a fresh graduate because while everyone can write, writing an effective resume can prove to be a real challenge.

Contrary to popular belief, writing a resume goes beyond listing down your goals, accomplishments, and previous duties on a piece of paper. An effective resume not only does these things but also adds character and introduce who you really are to the person reading it. As such, it is important to take extra care in writing your resume. To help you out, here are some basic tips we’ve come up with:

Start with the basics – Always make sure your grammar and format are a-ok!. If grammar isn’t your strongest point, don’t be shy to let a close friend read your resume to check for errors and point out improvement on its overall format.

Be more specific on your accomplishments and duties – Vague descriptions of what you have achieved and did in your previous job or in school don’t help create an image of you in an employer’s mind.

Cater your resume specific to the industry you are applying for – It is ideal to have several resumes ready for different types of jobs you will be applying for. A resume of pure text may prove effective for an administrative job but may not be so effective if you are applying for a graphics designer position.

First impression does last – Make your career objective grab any employer’s attention. The first few lines employers’ see on your resume (aside from your name and contact information) is your career objective. Thus, it should make a lasting and strong impression of how you can be the solution any employer would want to have.

Meticulously check even the most minute detail – The importance of checking everything you put in your resume can’t be stressed enough. When trying to land yourself on your dream job, carelessness is a luxury you can’t afford. Make sure your contact details are up to date and your character references are correct and can be contacted.

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