Young Thomasian Architect’s work was featured as one of the 35 unbuilt designs in the 3rd special issue of Bluprint magazine, a monthly magazine that offers trends in architecture, arts, and designs.

Arch. Jose Vicente Aoanan IV’s design, the S house, is a modern interpretation of early Filipino houses illustrating the cross ventilation and open spaces of the inside structure. The house was inspired by the concept of Tapaojo, also known as blinkers or binders, a horse tack used to keep horses focused on what’s ahead their way. Aside from its modern interpretation, it also incorporated the concept of Green Architecture by putting outdoor and indoor spaces close to each other. The house has a given view of a vast pineapple plantation. Apart from it, he provided two additional views inside the property. There is a fish pond area on the right and garden area on the left which can be viewed from the house’s hallways. This beautifully and artistically crafted residential house also has unique sustainable features such as rain water collection, solar panels, space planning, high ceiling, and grey water recycling.

Behind the S house design, Arch. Aoanan is a graduate of University of Santo Tomas Class 2009. He worked as a Computer Aided Design (CAD) architect in VV Soliven Group of Companies and Makati Development Corporation where he completed working drawings and other graphical documents, and created designs used as a basis for construction of projects. Soon, he worked as a project architect at Buensalido + Architects where he completed work drawings and other geographical documents such as architectural floor plans, elevations and sections, baysections, spot details, perspectives, and many more. In 2012, he founded the Aoanan Arquitectos Studio, an architectural design firm that offers practical, innovative, contemporary and sustainable structures and designs. Currently, he is a freelance architect, and a consultant architect at Southeast Asian Minister of Education, Organization, Innovation and Technology (SEAMEO-INNOTECH) where he handle all campus development in an international organization.

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