Multitasking is a poor strategy to productivity. While many people think that they get more done and feel productive, it is not the case. In this article, we have enumerated why we should avoid multitasking.

  1. Gets you Out-of-Focus. People work best when they focus on a single thread of related thoughts. On the other hand, multitasking requires juggling multiple thoughts all at once. While temporarily, it boosts productivity, multitasking used as a long term strategy will only decrease productivity.
  2. Disrupts Momentum. It takes time to build the momentum you need to finish your work. Jumping from one task to another diverts your focus and interrupts build up of momentum. This in turn decreases your chance of getting things done.
  3. Results to Poor Concentration and Short Attention Span. Multitasking challenges your ability to concentrate and shortens your attention span. To do the required job, build your momentum and give your full attention to the subject matter.
  4. Doubles your effort. Because you have to run through different tasks all at the same time, you end up doubling your efforts to make sure you finish everything without any mistake.
  5. Postpones Results. Devote your time to completely finish one task rather than intentionally delaying their completion because of multitasking.
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