Last February 18, 2015, the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) gave additional nebulizers to the Pediatrics Department of the University of Santo Tomas-Clinical Division.

“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star: Isang Pamaskong Alay ng Tomasinong Alumni sa mga Pasyente ng Pediatric Ward”, OAR’s fund raising project, received a significant amount from the pledges of the UST Alumni community. Stars in varying denominations (200php for a yellow star, 100php for a green star, and 50php for a red star) were sold through different OAR initiated events last December 2014. The amount generated from the project was used to buy eight new nebulizers for the Pediatrics Ward. Nebulizers are used as one of the equipment for treating asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the most common diseases diagnosed in children.

The turnover ceremony of the new nebulizers was held at the University of Santo Tomas-Clinical Division Pediatric Ward. It was attended by OAR Director, Asst. Prof. Fides Maria Lourdes Carlos, OAR, Asst. Director, Asst. Prof. Anna Ma. Gloria Ward, Regent of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Rev. Fr. Angel Aparicio O.P., Pediatrics Department Chair, Dr. Remedios Dee Chan M.D., and the interns and staff of the ward.

As February 18 fell on an Ash Wednesday, the ceremony began with a reading and a short reflection of the Gospel which was led by Fr. Aparicio and Asst. Prof. Carlos, respectively. “Lent is a celebration and commemoration of God’s love for us, He gave Jesus,” said Prof. Carlos, “and as recipients, we should also share this love to others.”

The staff of the Pediatrics ward felt overwhelmed as they received the equipment. “Centralized kasi yung paggamit ng nebulizer dito, kailangan dumaan muna sa CRM (Center for Respiratory Medicine),” Asst. Chief Nurse Liezl Llena said. “These will really be a big help to the (Pedia) ward.”, she added. Asst. Prof. Carlos responded that “This is just the start. We will be back to give more.” Emyfer Mae V. Flores

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