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Decisions are made up of choices based from our intuitions, rational and critical thinking. If your thinking becomes flawed, the consequences of the decisions made may be less desirable. Thinking skills may be taken for granted easily. Surely, you are thinking; but, how well do you think? Below are some tips one can use to cultivate a critically thinking mind.

  1. Questioning. Don’t immediately believe with what is presented to you. Question the facts. Beware of the packaging hiding the real value.
  2. Becoming Open-minded. Maintain clarity of thought and perspectives by being open-minded. Let opinions be more open to discussions, clarifications, and rationalizations. One doesn’t need to accept every point of views or should not stand with the truth as you know it. Just gather all perspectives.
  3. Withholding judgements until you are sure that you have an adequate information. Gather all the information you need before making a stand or decision. Keep your judgements and sentiments to yourself until you are sure that you have collected enough information.
  4. Avoid joining the bandwagon. It doesn’t mean that when it is popular and many people embraces the new notion, it is always the right thing. Some people join the bandwagon out of conformity rather than critically think about it. Step back and think before leaping in.
  5. Perceive and interpret reality. Separate “what is to believe” with “what might be comfortable to believe in”. Chec
  6. Cultivate intellectual curiosity. Explore new possibilities and manners of perceiving and doing things. Discover and cultivate your curious mind.
  7. Learn to distinguish observations and inferences from established facts.

Apart from all these tips, remember to maintain a sense of humor as you develop your critical thinking skills. The ability to laugh at yourself and still see the humor in the situations can help you develop yourself, your thoughts and your perspectives.

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