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Have you ever felt helpless, down, or exhausted? It is like as if all your energy and motivation have been sucked out of you to the point that you don’t enjoy the usual activities that makes you happy. You feel like anything you do is unappreciated or does not make any difference at all. At work, you are most of the time daydreaming and you feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do. You feel like everyday is a bad day and what you are doing is a total waste of energy. If you are feeling these, then, you are probably experiencing burnout.

We all have those times when we feel stressed up and all we wanted is to relax. However, being stressed is different from being burnt out. When we are under stress, it means everything is “too much”. The activity demands you physically, mentally, and psychologically. We are wishing to get it under our control to make us feel better. Upon completion of the activity, we are back again motivated to take another challenge. Being burnt out, on the other hand, means feeling empty and hopeless. It is comparable to wanting to disengage or detach from the situation because it is emotionally affecting you. You feel like your life is not worth living.

After recognizing the mentioned symptoms, how do we deal with burnout? The following are just some tips to help us overcome burnout.

  1. Take A Break! Go to a beach. Take a short walk in a park. Just go to a place where you can have time for yourself to meditate and find inner peace. All you need to think about is relaxation and nothing else.
  2. Enrich your non-work related skills. Find some activities where you can enhance your other skills and feel accomplished or rewarded afterwards. It can just be a simple hobby or sports activity you really like to engage in. For example, you wanted to complete a 1000 pieces puzzle and frame it afterwards to hang it in your room. Perhaps, you wanted to play basketball.
  3. Treat Yourself! After a hard day work, treat yourself. It can either be as small as giving yourself an ice cream treat or be big as rewarding yourself with a spa treatment or going on vacations. What’s important is you give yourself some pamper time, and let yourself feel appreciated that everything you do is worthwhile may it be big or small.
  4. Sleep well. Getting a good night’s sleep every day before going to work give you much needed energy to boost your productivity at work.

These are short term tips to help overcome the problem. But if burnout still persists, maybe it’s about time to think about your goals and career plan. Maybe, it’s also time to look for other opportunities like a life changing career. Just like what Confucius say “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


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