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We spend 40 hours of our time in our work together with our co-workers. Having a good working relationship with them is, therefore, important to help develop our skills, do our job better, and also improve the company’s performance. We want to make most of our time enjoyable and valuable, and we can only achieve it if we work together with our colleagues at workplace. If we don’t get along with them, tensions may arise that can affect your work, productivity, and mood.  So, how do we get along well with them?

Pay respect. Respect them all the time in every interaction. Don’t gossip about them. Don’t discuss matters that can make them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Consider both the positive and the negative effects of the decisions which could possibly affect them.

Know them more. Make personal connections. Socialize. Take time to know them more like their hobbies or interests during coffee breaks, lunch breaks, or after office hours. Spend time together discussing matters different from work where you can bond. Remember important dates like their birthday, so that you can greet them. Congratulate them when they have accomplished something. Knowing them more will not only help grow your networks but will also help you better understand them and their needs.

Be all ears. Listen carefully when they are talking. Don’t rush over to speak your ideas. Learn to listen to their opinions and wait until it’s your turn to talk. Not only will you learn from them, you will also earn their respect if they know that you are listening well.

Communicate effectively. If you have something to tell, say it in a polite way. If you have concerns and need their help, approach them in a nice way. If you have conflicts or problems with your workmate, deal with it and resolve them as soon as possible. Good communication helps improve relationships and avoid misunderstandings.

Be approachable and friendly. We want to leave a good impression and make our stay worthwhile. So, always smile and be ready to offer and give help. If they see you friendly and approachable, you can establish rapport easily and build better relationships with your colleagues.

Getting along well with your workmates will not only help boosts productivity, improve your performance and make your job easier, but also make your work hours worthwhile.

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