University of Santo Tomas Alumni Association Inc., held a strategic and operational planning meeting on July 24, 2015 at 4th floor Multipurpose room of Paredes building (Thomasian Alumni Center).

    Mr. Henry S. Tenedero, President of Thomasian Alumni Leaders Association and incumbent president of Philippine Marketing Association, led the meeting. The presidents of the various alumni associations presented their existing activities and future programs to find commonalities for future partnerships and collaboration, to support each other’s projects, and to harmonize efforts towards reaching their goal  “To Teach, To Heal, and To Lead” the present and and future generations of Thomasian Alumni.

    Asst. Prof. Fides Maria Lourdes F. Carlos, Director of the Office of Alumni Relations, graced the event and left them with her words ‘This is just the beginning towards achieving our vision… When the alumni introduce themselves, they just say “I’m a Thomasian” before they say from which college they came from. We have to think not only for our respective colleges, but also for the University as a whole. May this meeting be the start of an effort to unify and solidify our bonds together towards reaching our objective.’  Hazel Vera D. Tan, RN

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